gotBottle: wine tracking and tasting app

#1 app for a wine geek

The best way to explore and track wines

A personalised tool to compliment your wine experience.

Collect your wines

Scan a barcode or take a photo of a wine label to build your virtual cellar.

Explore aromas and flavours

Use the aroma picker to explore and discover wine characteristics.

Track your wines

View your wine by location, rating or tasting date.

Wine Aroma Picker

With more than 200 items under your thumb, identify wine aromas and flavours unique to your wine.

Categories, aromas and flavours
Dive into an endless list of aromas.

Easy to use scrolling allows you to pinpoint the desired aroma or flavour.

Your aromas
If you can't find your fancy aroma within the default list you can easily add it to your wine.


Simple layout allows you to see your past wine experience sorted by date.

Grouped by month
You can track unique wines per month.

Stars indicating the rating right within a scrolling view for your convenience.


Open your bottles right from the map. Track your wines from all over the world, wherever you go.